Precious Pooch offers dog walking and puppy walking services in many different London locations including Chelsea, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Regents Park, Primrose Hill and St John's Wood. Using the Royal parks for walks, we give your pooch the chance to interact with other dogs and the daily exercise that it needs. We walk no more than four dogs at one time and are all professionally trained dog handlers. This will ensure that your pooch will be in only the most capable of hands being able to be off the lead, running and playing with their other four legged friends! All of our clients here at Precious Pooch comment on how happy their pooch is after our daily walks and also how exhausted!

We will not use a van or car to transport your pooch as we strongly believe in small groups of dogs and more time in the park. All pooches will be collected on foot and there are a variety of time slots available for your individual needs.

We are fully licensed for off lead walks in all London Royal Parks (Licensed Professional Dog Walkers in the Royal Parks).

A number of our clients at Precious Pooch often have periods where they have to work long hours, so we can offer dog and puppy day care services for the whole day. This will ensure company for your pooch, enough exercise and a happy pet when you return from the office.