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"Precious Pooch helps you to create the perfect life for your dog in the city of London. I have been running the company since 2004 and I have been training dogs for many years, dealing with every type of canine need.

Growing up on kennels, I have been with dogs all my life and they are the most precious things in the world to me, hence the company's name! Precious Pooches' services are offered on an extremely professional and consultative level to improve your dog's life and in the process give you the client a better relationship with your pooch."
Tracey Egan

Dr Pooch Blog

We will be continuing walks as usual and I have been informed by the parks police that only licensed walkers will be allowed in the Royal Parks of which we are one. As we do not use any vehicles we do not come into contact with any surface accept the dog leads. I will be issuing all walkers with their own leads to minimise risk. If you are self isolating please inform me as we will not be collecting from these homes to protect my walkers safety and other clients. We are committed to making sure your dogs get out and receive much needed exercise during this time and see it as a community duty to keep business as usual. Be safe, be healthy and give thanks that the woofs can’t catch or carry covid- 19.

Link to the list of licensed dog walkers in the Royal Parks: here.
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